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My first experiences with planning a hiking trip and buying gear were in preparation of my trip to Norway in 2015. Back then I did not realize how addictive it would become, not just the hiking and enjoying the outdoors but also the search for the best gear. As some of you may recognize my gear has changed a lot since that first trip. Almost every piece has been swapped for something lighter or smaller in a quest to minimize the weight of my pack.
At some point even weighing every piece of gear individually, as I said it can be quite addictive..

My start on the GR5 to Nice (France)

Throughout the years I’ve become more and more aware of the sustainability issues we face. Even though I was trying to address some of these issues in my own behaviour I never really looked into how sustainable the gear is that I was buying. Why not? Well, because I assumed that outdoor gear would be sustainable by definition. Why would companies unnecessarily harm the nature their entire business depends upon? Indeed, in hindsight this assumption turned out to be quite naïve.

When I started looking into the topic of sustainable gear I soon found that outdoor gear has quite some environmental impact which I was unaware of and not every outdoor company automatically puts in the same effort to reduce this impact.

This gave me the idea to create a place where we could all share information and thoughts on impacts, solutions, and companies. Feel free to use the Blog as a discussion board and share your ideas with other adventurers.

Together we can make every adventure a green adventure!

I would like to inform you that I am not affiliated to any of the brands or products mentioned on The Green Adventurer

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