Grüezi Sleeping Bag – Product of the Year (?)

Today was the last day of ISPO 2019, which is the largest trade fair for sports business. Every year the ISPO awards are presented there. Nominees are judged at four core criteria; innovation, design, functionality, and sustainability. The winner is decided by a jury of 43 experts from the sports world. The best innovations are named “Product of the Year”. In the Outdoor segment it is the Biopod DownWool Nature sleeping bag from Grüezi.

Grüezi sleeping bag –
Biopod DownWool Nature

Since I am enthusiastic about both sustainability and hiking I have a hard time deciding what to think of this sleeping bag. Let me elaborate:


The sleeping bag is made of 100% natural materials ‘from nature into nature’. Both inner and outer material are cotton, the filling is a combination of down and wool, and the zipper is replaced with buttons. The sleeping bag has OEKO-TEX 100 and Responsible Down Standard certifications. The fact that the bag is 100% natural also means no pollution from synthetic microfibers.


As a hiker there are several things I pay attention to when buying a sleeping bag, additionally to sustainability and quality. Namely, temperature / pack size / weight / and price.
The Biopod DownWool Nature has a comfort temperature of 6 degrees / pack size of 19 x 35 cm / weighs 1650 grams / and costs 400 euro.
In comparison with my Yeti Tension 300L (780 gram / costs around 220 euro) which has the same comfort temperature this seems too heavy both on weight and price.

What are your thoughts about this Product of the Year?

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