Fighting Microfibers with the Guppyfriend

Guppyfriend washing bag with the Green Adventurer logo sign

Following my post on Synthetic Microfibers I have been testing the Guppyfriend. The Guppyfriend is a washing bag which protects the textile and reduces the breaking of fibres by 86%. This means less shedding as well as extending the garment’s lifespan. Additionally, the bag retains 90% of the fibers released during washing.

First impressions of the Guppyfriend

The washing bag comes in a nice cardboard packaging. Besides the bag the package also includes a small folder explaining the microplastic issue and how to use the bag. I was especially curious about the material of the bag, to see whether the bag itself would also release plastics. Their website already indicates that the bag is of a type of material that does not release any fibers, and that is indeed how the bag feels.

So, what about the bag?

At first sight the bag looks sufficiently big (especially if you’re not washing for an entire family). However, the instructions advice to only fill the bag half full. Which suddenly reduces the capacity drastically. This means that I did not wash all my garments in it but had to make a selection. The clothes with the most synthetic fibers (read the tags) go into the Guppyfriend and the others directly into the washing machine.

But, does it work?!

I think it does! So far I have only used it for a couple of washes and I can already see some fibers collecting in the corners of the bag. Keep in mind that it is about microfibers, which means it could take a little while before you notice fibers collecting. I have used it for some of my fleece clothing which is a material that is known for shedding.

Additional tips to reduce microfiber waste

Do not wash warmer than 30 degrees, do not use more detergent than needed, and wash less often. Even though the washing bag is not the solution that will solve the whole microfiber problem, the Guppyfriend does offer us a solution to at least partially reduce the pollution.

Would you use the Guppyfriend?

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