Bluesign – A Good Sign

When looking for gear you may have noticed the Bluesign label on some tags. But what does this blue label mean and why does it make gear green?

The Bluesign system in a nutshell

The Bluesign system is a certification system that involves the entire supply chain. Instead of just testing a finished product they tackle issues from the beginning of the manufacturing process and set standards for: Resource Productivity, Consumer Safety, Water Emission, Air Emission, and Occupational Health & Safety. The Bluesign system partners commit to these standards and are regularly audited.

So, Bluesign partner equals green gear?

The detectives among you may have noticed that The North Face is also a Bluesign partner, even though I am not very positive about them in my post ‘Green Gear or Green Washing’.  However, that post has mainly to do with the lack of transparency from The North Face. Additionally, the Bluesign partnership is the commitment to adapt to the Bluesign system. Or in other words not more than a declaration of intent. Which does not automatically make all their products more sustainable.

Bluesign product label

When you see a tag which says ‘Bluesign Product’ this means that the piece of gear you are looking at meets all the safety and environmental requirements set by Bluesign.

Bluesign Product label

Consumer transparancy

Unfortunately the Bluesign system does not yet offer the possibility for consumers to check the sustainability performance of their partners. However, Bluesign did inform me that they are aware of the increasing demand for such tools and are working on a solution.

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