GoLite – ReGreen Windshell

GoLite ReGreen Windshell

The GoLite ReGreen Windshell is a pretty cool piece of gear. It’s made of recycled green plastic bottles, which are usually undesirable for recycling. This is becasue green bottles can’t be re-dyed. GoLite decided to use this to their advantage and use the colour of the bottles.

GoLite ReGreen Winshell made from recycled green plastic bottles

The ReGreen Windshell owes its colour to the 20 green plastic bottles used to make it. They also use a digital printing method. Leading to an 80% water consumption reduction compared to regular dying processes. And their water repellence is biodegradable and PFC-free.

Earth-friendly products

Altogether a beautiful sustainable piece of gear. But is doesn’t stop there when it comes to GoLite’s sustainability. GoLite produces ‘active outdoor gear that’s light on the path and on the planet’.  And it shows; 80% of their products are made from environmentally preferred, recycled and low energy production materials and processes.

Sustainable packaging

GoLite also integrated sustainability into their packaging. Packaging and hangtags are from recycled paper. Their shipping boxes are from recycled cardboard, and their polybags are biodegradable and compostable.

For the good of the people

Additionally, they also have a GoAid programme in which they provided 14.000 pieces of clothing to global health workers in Uganda and are empowering local communities to use GoLite’s left-over material and build a business of their own.

Overall, it’s no wonder the ReGreen Windshell won the Backpacker Editors’ Choice Green Award and the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award. This company is definitely worth a look!

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