Sustainable Gear at Outdoor Retailer

Last week was Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the largest outdoor tradeshow of North America. These tradeshows are the place where outdoor brands and manufacturers showcase their products for next year. Snews put together a list of the 25 coolest products presented at the show. Based on this list, here is some sustainable gear from this year’s Outdoor Retailer:

Cotopaxi Allpa del Dia 35L

Made from leftover materials recovered from the manufacturing process of Cotopaxi and other outdoor brands sharing the same factory. No two packs are the same. It all depends on, well, Del Dia. Pretty cool approach to recycling!

Cotopaxi Allpa del Dia –
Picture from Snews

Deuter Guide Lite 22 SL

All Deuter gear will be completely PFC-free from this season 2020 on! Why is this important? Read it in my post on PFC-free Gear.  

Deuter Guide Lite 22 SL –
Picture from Snews

Foothill Fuels Bio-White gas

In case you’re cooking with a liquid gas stove this is a great innovation. Foothill Fuels is a greener alternative to other white gas fuels, producing 50% less greenhouse gas.

Foothill Bio-White Gas –
Picture from Foothill

Rivian R1T Truck

Alright, it’s not your regular piece of backpacking gear. But this fully electric truck is pretty cool!

Rivian R1T –
Picture from Snews

Outdoor by ISPO

The next big show starts today! OutDoor by ISPO is Europe’s largest outdoor trade fair, taking place in Munich (Germany). I can’t wait to find out what sustainable gear will be presented there. Keep an eye out on this blog for updates!