Revealing dark side of solar power?

In a recent investigation by the FOX 5 I-Team, hidden cameras were used to expose the dark side of solar power and the harsh reality behind the promises made to Georgia homeowners about solar power. With the increasing cost of energy, homeowners have been lured by advertisements claiming that the government will cover the cost of installing solar panels, that they can get paid to use solar energy, and that their electric bills will be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

However, as Amie and Nathan Tatro from Lafayette discovered, these promises often turned out to be too good to be true. They signed a contract with Power Home Solar, now known as Pink Energy, to install solar panels in their home at a cost of $91,000 over 25 years. Unfortunately, the system did not deliver on its promises, leaving the couple feeling deceived. The investigation highlights the importance of asking the right questions when considering solar power, as many homeowners are unaware of the potential pitfalls and false claims made by solar companies.

Dark Side of Solar Power Revealed:

With the increasing energy prices and the allure of solar power ads on social media, many Georgia homeowners have been enticed by the promises of solar power. However, a recent hidden camera investigation by the FOX 5 Atlanta I-Team has revealed the dark side of solar power promises. The investigation aims to expose the false claims made by major solar companies and shed light on the disappointment faced by homeowners who have signed up for solar power systems.

Case study: Amie and Nathan Tatro

Amie and Nathan Tatro of Lafayette, Georgia, fell victim to the false promises made by Power Home Solar, now known as Pink Energy. They signed a contract worth $91,000, with monthly installments spread over 25 years, to have their home outfitted with solar panels. However, the Tatros soon realized that the promises made to them were not being fulfilled. Amie admitted that almost everything that was promised to them turned out to be untrue.

Introduction to FOX 5 Atlanta I-Team

The FOX 5 Atlanta I-Team is a reputed investigative team that is known for its breaking news, live events coverage, and in-depth investigations. Their coverage spans a wide range of subjects, including politics, entertainment, business news, and local stories. The I-Team is dedicated to uncovering the truth and bringing important issues to the attention of the public and in this investigation the dark side of solar power was exposed.

Sales pitches from major solar companies

The investigation focused on two major solar companies: Power Home Solar (now Pink Energy) and Solar Titan USA. These companies heavily advertise their solar power systems on social media platforms, making bold promises that appeal to homeowners seeking to reduce their energy bills.

Issues with promises and installations

The hidden camera investigation uncovered several issues with the promises made by the solar companies and the installations carried out. One major issue was the lack of building permits obtained by the companies. Without proper permits, the systems were deemed useless, and homeowners faced the frustration of paying for equipment that couldn’t be connected to the grid.

Another common issue was system failure and the provision of equipment that was unfit for purpose. Homeowners found themselves with solar power systems that were not functioning properly or unable to deliver the promised reduction in electric bills. This led to disappointment and financial strain for the homeowners.

Case study: Rod Culver

The dark side of solar power continuing investigation revealed that Rod Culver, a homeowner who contracted with Solar Titan USA, paid $43,000 for a solar power system with the expectation of backup power and a reduction in his electric bill. However, Culver soon discovered that the system was useless as Solar Titan USA had failed to obtain the necessary building permit. Without the permit, Culver was unable to connect the system to the grid and was left with a worthless investment.

Case study: Amy and Nathan Tatro

In another case study, Amy and Nathan Tatro were promised by Power Home Solar that they would be able to sell extra solar power back to their utility. This promised revenue stream would offset their electric bill and potentially result in a negative bill. However, the Tatros never saw a negative power bill and experienced minimal impact on their electric bills, despite the substantial investment they made in their solar power system.

The need for informed decision-making

The hidden camera investigation highlights the importance of homeowners making informed decisions when considering solar power. Many homeowners lack the knowledge of the right questions to ask and the potential pitfalls to watch out for. It is crucial for homeowners to thoroughly research and understand the solar power industry and the policies in place, such as net metering, to ensure they are making the best decision for their needs.

Obtaining multiple quotes from different companies is also essential. As the investigation revealed, the cost of solar power systems can vary greatly between companies, and homeowners need to compare prices and offerings to find the best fit for their budget and goals.

Consequences for solar companies

As a result of the hidden camera investigation, there are consequences for the solar companies involved. Power Home Solar, now Pink Energy, faced the cancellation of contracts like that of Amy and Nathan Tatro. The company acknowledged a significant miscommunication by their sales representative and agreed to take down the Tatros’ solar system.

Solar Titan USA also faced scrutiny for failing to obtain building permits and making false promises. The company’s response to complaints was to retrain their salespeople, indicating a recognition of the issues highlighted in the investigation.


In conclusion, the dark side of solar power was exposed by the hidden camera investigation by FOX 5 Atlanta I-Team serves as a cautionary tale for homeowners considering solar power. Thorough research and understanding of the solar power industry are vital to avoid falling for false promises.

The investigation exposes the issues faced by homeowners, such as unfulfilled promises, lack of building permits, and equipment failure. By sharing these stories, the I-Team hopes to encourage informed decision-making and prevent homeowners from experiencing the same disappointments as the Tatros, Culver, and others highlighted in the investigation.